Playoffs: Yep, We’re Talking Playoffs Again

You know it’s officially the end of the major sports season (sorry my fellow hockey fans) becauseEditorsDesk we’ve already had our first story come out about a possible college football playoff.  Don’t worry, I’m as sick of this discussion as most of you and let’s just get it done already, but I’m also not holding my breath that they’ll get it right or do it anytime soon.  

The reason I bring this up to you is because the proposals laid out aren’t just some imaginative work of a sports writer, a conference official, or myself as as been done a bagillion times over.  Rather it’s based on an actual document from BCS officials talking about ways to come up with a National Champion.  

That document lays out four concrete ideas and they are all listed below with my commentary on them as well.

1. BCS with Adjustments:  Basically continue the current arrangement whereby no teams play more than one post-season game, with the following enhancements:

(a) change or eliminate annual automatic qualification except for contracts negotiated between conferences and bowls.

(b) eliminate the limit on the number of participants from each conference.

(c) play the games nearer to January 1st

(d) create a format that would accommodate different conference champions playing in different bowl games

My Thoughts: You’re kidding me right?  While I’d highly encourage them to take point C and make it happen now, if you’re going to look at changing the system and making it more fan friendly and lucrative this isn’t the option and doesn’t solve any of the problems at hand.  Heck it may just make things worse.



2. Original “Plus One”: After the bowl games are played select two teams for the Championship game.

My Thoughts: Agghhhhhhh…… Seriously, I’m about to pull my hair out, just a ridiculous idea, it’s still completely subjective and there’s no concrete way of determining who belongs in this game, THAT’S THE FREAKING PROBLEM WE’RE TRYING TO SOLVE RIGHT NOW!!


3. Four Team Event: with seeded semi-finals and a championship game.  


(a) all three games in bowls.

(b) all three games at neutral sites which would be selected by a bid process.  No neutral site games would be branded a bowl game even if current bowl organizations were to host, or:

(c) Semifinal games in bowls, championship game selected through a bid process and would not be branded as a bowl game even if hosted by a bowl organization.

(d) Semifinals at campus sites, championship game selected through a bid process and wouldn’t be branded as a bowl game even if hosted by a bowl organization.

My Thoughts: Hey, alright… Finally the smartest one on the list.  Ideally option D is the best of all worlds.  One it rewards the top teams for having great seasons by allowing them home games and two it doesn’t force 4 fan bases to travel all over this great land of ours in back to back weekends.  That’s what options B & C do and it’s a recipe for disaster, especially in this economic climate.  Sure if you win that road game as the lower seed the problem of back to back weekends exists, but that’s unavoidable and fans of that team may not mind the 2nd trip then.


4. Four Teams Plus: The four highest ranked teams meet in two games except that the Big Ten and Pac-12 champions always play in the Rose Bowl.  If the Big Ten or Pac-12 champion (or both) are in the top four that team (or teams) would play in the Rose Bowl and then the other games would be filled by the other four highest-ranked teams.  Select two teams for the championship game after those three games have been played.

My Thoughts: Pardon me for a moment… I honestly can’t stop laughing at this suggestion, it’s just WAY TOO RICH!!  Wow.  O.k., I think… no, wait for it…. o.k., I’m done laughing now.  OMG!!  Jim Delaney and Larry Scott you two are a GENUISES!!  I mean seriously, only this convoluted BCS system and you could come up with that kind of logic.  So, let’s get this straight… 6 teams could possibly play with only 4 teams eligible for just 2 spots in the Championship game all to protect the Rose Bowl?  Look I love the Rose Bowl as much as anyone, but if the goal is to actually come up with a relevant system for a true national champion bowing down to the Rose Bowl is not the way to go.  


I am truly happy to see that there is some movement towards coming up with a system that determines a real national champion.  Most of you know I’m fully in the corner of a 16 team playoff along the lines of the FCS playoffs with only the national championship game being played on a neutral site, but I’d take option number three as a viable mid-step to that ultimate goal.  Let’s only hope that these group of corrupt bowl executives and protective conference commissioners finally do the right thing and get us towards a true national champion by determining it mainly on the field.  

Andrew Coppens

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